Ventas Inc ( VTR – NYSE )

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VTR looking really great heading to my targets at 74.90 or 75.90. I would assume it would probably reach those targets and top somewhere close to the two time zones that I have as targets. Those targets are 30th of Aug and 2nd of Sept and 20th of Sept and 24th of Sept. I would think this is a nice buildup with nice Elliot Wave formation and also nice wave subdivisions. The way you want to use this info to trade is up to you but I would wait for it to reach the target zone, make a top and … Read More

Market Outlook Aug 14th!!

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Hey, guys, it is online!! The new video Market Outlook is uploaded on our youtube channel right here at Please check it out and give us a like and subscribe!! Thank you, Daniel

Crush Pro Trading Traders Meeting!!

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This is a free meeting to introduce you to Crush Pro Trading, our approach to trading and how we can help you learn and improve your trading skills. Through our trading program, you will learn everything you need to achieve success as a trader from the very basic to advanced trading concepts and techniques. Beginners and advanced traders are welcome. During the meeting, there is plenty of time to ask questions. This meeting will be free to take advantage and bring also a few friends along. The meeting will be held on Saturday, August 17th at our office at 1 … Read More

EUR/CHF Trading Opp

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EUR/CHF looks great for a buy right now. I have been waiting for this one for some time and we finaly got into a nice position for along trade. I combine four tools (momentum, pattern, price and time) to make a decision and get in. EUR/CHF is on the weekly chart completing a probable ABC correction (Elliott Wave Theory) and I am looking to get back close the B wave high at 1.1477, that being the long term target. As for the short term target, I am looking to take a profit, as you can see on the daily chart, … Read More

Market Outlook!!

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Hello traders! Here`s a video from our new channel on Youtube! It is a market outlook video where I talk a bit about what I see in the FX market for this week and upcoming days. I am just getting started with all of this recording and posting job so don`t be too harsh with the critics. Let me know what you think!! I always look forward to more improvement! Subscribe to our new channel on Youtube! By the way, this is how the market outlook looks like. Of course, we invite all of you to join in the upcoming … Read More

The Path to Master Trader

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Deciding to learn something new or pick back up something you put aside because life or work just got too busy is a very exciting time! You have made the commitment to work towards achieving your goal and you are motivated to get to work. In trading, that goal should be none other than becoming a self directed independent trader. When I got into trading over 20 years ago, it was from meeting a pro trader in Chicago and hearing about what was possible. He became my mentor and though he had a lot of great advice, he was full … Read More

Crush Rewards Program

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Hello Traders, Trading education comes in all shapes and sizes, and costs anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. The cost definitely does not equal quality. Some of them actually trade, but many are just trying to sell you something. If you hear things like make millions, guaranteed monthly profits, 95%+ win rate, then it is up to you to be skeptical. Marketing is a powerful thing, and we have seen it all like the email everyday or those countdown timers giving you a limited time to decide. We believe that having a mentor/coach is extremely valuable … Read More

Team Red Showcase

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Team Red

Hello Traders, Developing the right psychology for trading “trader’s mindset” is the most difficult thing to accomplish, and I find it interesting that most people always mention the math required. These days with computers and software, there are so many indicators and statistics that can be measured and analyzed, that no wonder most traders become paralyzed. Open up any trading platform or do a search for trading statistics and you are instantly confronted with tons and tons of tools being touted as the next best thing or an absolute must for any trading strategy. This is surely overwhelming to the … Read More