Team Red Showcase

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Team Red

Hello Traders, Developing the right psychology for trading “trader’s mindset” is the most difficult thing to accomplish, and I find it interesting that most people always mention the math required. These days with computers and software, there are so many indicators and statistics that can be measured and analyzed, that no wonder most traders become paralyzed. Open up any trading platform or do a search for trading statistics and you are instantly confronted with tons and tons of tools being touted as the next best thing or an absolute must for any trading strategy. This is surely overwhelming to the … Read More

Team Orange Showcase

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Team Orange

Hello Traders, One truth that I would say pertains to everything and especially trading is “Less is More.” Over trading is a problem I have experienced over the many years I’ve been trading, and I see it in the trading results of our members and the approach most newbies take. The most profitable months come with fewer trades. Usually, the money comes from just a few trades while the majority of trades cancel each other out between the winners, losers and trading costs. Being selective and taking fewer trades is difficult for traders, because after all we make money from … Read More

Team Black Showcase

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Team Black

Hello Traders! Trading is about probabilities, and they work best in large sample sizes. 40 trades will get you started but it’s not nearly enough to measure the success of a strategy. 200 trades and you will begin to see the probability at work as the margin of error decreases dramatically. One problem with most traders is that they don’t give a strategy a chance to get to a large sample size. Losses are a part of trading; strategies go through periods where they do well, periods where they tread water and periods where they don’t do well at all. … Read More

Team Blue Showcase

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Team Blue

Hello Traders! At Crush Pro Trading we are working together in teams to implement specific strategies to trade the markets through technical analysis. This doesn’t mean that fundamental information is ignored, but trades are entered and exited based on price action. We have proven that by working together with other traders, we can greatly shorten the learning curve and help you overcome the biggest pitfalls in trading, from execution to risk management to mindset. Team Blue: SRC Strategy Today we are going to introduce you to one of the Crush Pro Teams trading in the Forex markets, Team Blue. This … Read More